Whether you are stripping paint, or cleaning most any surface, we can do many jobs that sand blasting and
pressure washing can not!  Soda Blasting was developed by New York State engineers to answer a very large
cleaning problem. They were looking for ways to restore the soft copper plates on
 Lady Liberty. Other methods
were either to abrasive, or posed an environmental hazard.  This unique system has also proven itself for many
other countless applications, from patio sealer, graffiti removal , auto paint removal, even your stamped
concrete. Best of all Western Soda Blasting is a mobile solution, and the baking soda we use is environmentally
safe.  Rinses right down a city drain with water, and is even beneficial to the waste water systems.
Serving Denver, Co Area for 9 years
WSB is an Insured business with a great track record.
A Mobile solution for your Restoration, cleaning and
paint stripping needs. Soda Blasting is the best method
for those jobs in which Sand, and other medias are to
aggressive, and could cause damage to your project.
Don't be fooled by equipment not built specifically for
Soda or weaker pod systems ran by a separate
compressor. Our original soda blaster systems machine
has the guts other cheaper systems do not have!!!!
WSB Cost Break down  No hidden charges !       
WSB is a Net 30 Company, pay your bill, and
                  receive your discount!
  • Test Shoot $80 Minimum plus travel, with options
  • $130 per hr, materials and labor included. For payments within 30 days,
    plus travel ($1 mile, charged one direction only, up to 40 miles.  Time
    charged after  40 miles.
  • Special addtional Insurance requirements will have an extra $15 per hr
  • Jobs estimated $5000 require a 50% deposit.
  • Residential  jobs pay upon completion.
  • Minimum job 1 hr or, equal to not less then full travel time, including no
  • $145 per hour for payments made over 30 days from job completion.
  • If  a roll off is not available, a waste haul off fee of $50-$150 can apply.
  • Late charges every 30 days after 60 days. (14%) per month
  •  Ask about Dec through Feb discounts
  •  The better you prepare for the job, the more you will save
  •               QUESTIONS? CALL OR E-MAIL

Western  Soda
Deep Rust stains
in Concrete that
were in both sides
Stains from the concrete forms in a
new water park
After soda
Acid burns from paint stripper /   After Soda blasting
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Epoxy paint on aluminum
Remove paint & bring back
natural brick

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Gentle & effective!   
Soda blasting is
environmentally safe, and
gentle enough for this thin
pop can
(Credit card Payment option for upon
job completion only)
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Failing sealer removal